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Welcome to WOW

Programmes for all children

At WOW, we know how important the time you spend with your child is and how much you love watching your child on their own special journey. Our classes are designed to create not only incredible learning experiences for your child but also unique shared and treasured moments of joy and fun for you.

Our nationally award-winning WOW programmes for children bring the very best fully-accredited programmes to your neighbourhood. Our research means that each programme has been fully tested and trialled to bring both the WOW and the underlying developmental learning for children from birth to key Stage 1 in the safest way possible. And we do it just down the road!

Programmes for parents (and others caring for children)

We also know the journey of raising a child begins long before they arrive. This is why we have a fully accredited First aid for Parents programme (and also ones for Nurseries and Teachers) plus our very own workshops dealing with the difficult subjects of early-weeks parenting such as colic and baby calming techniques.

These can be for mum and dad or anyone in the wider family rejoicing in this most amazing of processes.

What WOW means for our customers

Our group of franchise brands has common themes that run through them.

In everything we do our customers find:

  • integrity of the classes and the way they are conducted
  • programmes which are research-based and supported by evidence
  • an exceptional level of training
  • the very best equipment for the lessons
  • the aspiration to be and to remain at the forefront of the field

WOW, come and choose which wonderful experience you or your child would like to benefit from today.

It takes a village to raise a child....come and join us on our journey.

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